The core concept with BT251 is that it divides one file in to various parts and make it accessible to any one who want to download part of the file, any who downloads different parts of the file from different sources can assemble different parts of the file and get the original file. The benefit of this approach is people can participate on the distribution of the file meaning everyone can be a music distributor and collect a reward for sending parts of the file. The following simulation shows how BT251 operates.

Total Peers Artist BT251
id myBlks needBlks myBal myRew

The Problem

According to the World Bank citizens of the undeveloped world is living their life under $1.90 per day which is very low given $1.90, it is impossible to have a decent meal let alone raise a family. Since Ethiopia is part of the underdeveloped world we are included by the above statistics.

It is well known fact that the imbalance between import and export caused most of the problem we are facing today as a country, or we can say that we are focusing on importing products that address the problems of Education, Health and Food Security.

One of the major resource that we are wasting in a daily bases is that the internet connection, the which the Government imported using hard currency; most people are using their internet connection to for sending a messages, watching videos, or browse the social network.

Just like when exported goods are surpassed by imported goods make country’s economy weaker, so does when we only use the internet connection for things that can not generate economic benefits for us.

The Solution

One of the most fascinating properties of data is it does not get old quickly as time ticks, for that reason it is possible to share specific types of data we own with individuals wants it.

If you take for example YouTube, every time we request a content from their website YouTube shows advertisement for us if available and it shares the 50% revenue from the advertisement with the channel owner; that means data flows from YouTube to the user and money flows from advertisers to YouTube and Channel Owner.

Instead of requesting content from the a central server like YouTube, we organized the BT251 network in a peer to peer fashion, which means a user get the content from individuals who got it before. In this configuration data flows from uploading user to downloading user and money flows from downloading user to uploading user, which results in a sustainable financial ecosystem. A simple simulation is depicted at the top of this website.

The Basics

Using BT251 We sale music based on the size, 1 song for about 80 (.8 ETB), then you get a 40 (.4 ETB) cents reward every time you seed the complete song.

If you are The first 10 downloaders the download might be a little bit slow but it is guaranteed you get the highest reward available. For example : When 90 people download the torrent from The first 10 downloaders The first 10 downloaders get 5 x 9 = 45 Birr reward each. The price of 12 songs torrent is ~10 Birr and its reward value is ~5 Birr; if download is evenly distributed between The first 10 downloaders, that is each of the first 10 downloaders peers seed The torrent for 9 peers.

When another 900 downloaders buy the 12 music tracks torrent for 10 Birr there is 900 x 5 = 4,500 Birr reward available, then (The available reward 4,500) / (The first 10 downloaders + The first 90 downloaders) = 45 Birr each. At this point The first 10 downloaders got 90 Birr and The first 90 downloaders got 45 Birr each, from the music they bought for 10 Birr.

The Big Picture is If There are ten torrent which are sold for 10 Birr each and they are downloaded 1 Million times each. We can say...

  • The first 10 downloaders get 255 x 10 = 2,550 Birr From a 100 Birr Torrent
  • The first 100 downloaders get 180 x 10 = 1,800 Birr From a 100 Birr Torrent
  • The first 1,000 downloaders get 135 x 10 = 1,350 Birr From a 100 Birr Torrent
  • The first 10,000 downloaders get 90 x 10 = 900 Birr From a 100 Birr Torrent
  • The first 100,000 downloaders get 45 x 10 = 450 Birr From a 100 Birr Torrent

In-order for the first 1,000,000 downloaders to get paid, the 10 torrents needs to be downloaded 10 Million times each, if it doesn't, we say the torrent is saturated, hence it is not profitable and we assume you buy the torrent for the sake of enjoying the music.

The best thing about BT251 is that you can start go a long way with out depositing cash, you can generate blocks inside the app in various ways. Blocks are used to buy a music, you get a Cash Reward in Birr for seeding the music

Feeedbacks don't get discouraged at some comments. Such people will always be around and are just good signs of the progress you are making. Even if you are not a company, the negative people here should have encouraged you for the great work which they most probably have no idea about and suggest you to form a company instead of making trash comments like "I have super powers". I am just commenting to encourage the great work you are trying to achieve. Your kind of people will in the end win and that's what we want for the poor country we are living in..


[In reply to D] Great comment. The negative attitude from some people here is so cringe. demonstrated that the scheme is not pyramid as it doesn't traverse more than one level. Plus when he started the discussion he asked for a comment and areas to improve and people began insulting him. It is not identical to this, but even the reputed podcasters like Lex Friedman would ask their audience to buy a product from a website by putting their names so the consumer gets a discount and support the podcast. The guy might even need an idea how to establish his company and how to contact the artists. Why not try to encourage him and positively correct? He came up with a novel idea. Big ups to you